Tips for Dressing Your Toddler in the Summer

Summer days bring warmth, sunshine, and plenty of opportunities to play. Through it all you want to make sure your little one is both comfy and protected. We’ve got some great ways to get that tiny, summer lovin’ person ready for it all.

Choose Cotton Fabrics

On summer’s toastiest days, your toddler (and everyone else!) is at risk of overheating. To help keep your little one cool, choose loose-fitting clothing made of 100% cotton. Lightweight cotton allows air to reach the body and lets sweat evaporate, preventing irritation and cooling the skin. We love the super soft basics from made from 100% pima cotton. They come in fun, collectible colors at prices that make stocking up easy.

Lighten Up

Hot weather calls for simple, easy outfits with a minimum of layers. Lose the onesie under your toddler’s shorts and tees to cool things down. For little girls, a simple sleeveless knit dress makes getting dressed a breeze. Little boys look casual and cool in easy pull-on shorts and soft jersey polo shirts or tees.

Layer On the Sunblock

Though it can be challenging to appl sunscreen to a wriggly toddler, don’t skip it—studies show that early-in-life sunburns can make the skin more vulnerable to skin cancer later in life. Physical barrier sunscreens, which use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to block out harmful rays, are preferred by many experts over chemical sunscreens; they do a better job at protecting against both UVA and UVB rays, plus they begin working immediately. Be generous in your application — experts recommend a nickel-sized amount for the face alone. Make up a song, make it a game, just make sure to get it on and reapply often.

Embrace their Nudist Streak

Most toddlers go through an anti-clothes phase—’tis the season to indulge them if you dare! If you’re kicking it at home for the day, there’s no reason your little one needs to wear more than a diaper or onesie when you’re trying to beat the heat. Or let them hang out in a private, outdoor space in shade or while fully sun blocked (and remember to tick-check afterward!).

Go For Sun-Blocking Clothes

When you’re outside and exposed for longer periods, make your little one’s clothes work overtime by choosing clothes that contain sun protection, called UPF. A shirt rated UPF 15 will allow only 1/15th of the sun’s rays to pass through it; choose clothing with a higher UPF rating to block out even more harmful rays. You can also wash added sunscreen right into fabrics with a special sun-blocking detergent.

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