Different Types of Fashion Accessories

Accessory means something which is used as secondary manner. Fashion accessories means something which are use as secondary manner besides the wearer outfit. Even after wearing nice dress without proper accessories everything can be ruined. It is used often to complete an outfit properly. So, always be careful about proper accessories selecting & having.

1. Worn accessories 

As name indicates worn accessory is used by wearing. There various types of worn accessory. i.e.

a) Watches 

In the case of watch selecting you give preference of taking such watch which nicely adjust with your wrist. It’s not so important how nice the watch is, but which one is looking more beautiful after worn by you it is the important point.

b) Shoes 

There somebody tells that your worn shoes expresses out personality or taste level. So, be careful about shoes selecting. Don’t always use high heel shoes. It may be harmful for your health.

c) Socks 

A sock is an item which is worn on the feet. It helps to absorb the sweat and draw it to areas where air can evaporate the perspiration. In cold environment, socks decrease the risk of frostbite. So socks are very important accessory to wear.

d) Gloves 

Gloves protect and comfort hand against cold or heat or damage by friction, abrasion or chemicals and disease also. For fashion concerning person gloves is very important.

e) Jewelry 

Jewelry can be of different types. I.e. Earrings, Nose pin, Chain, Necklace, Bracelet etc. Be smart about selecting jewelry with your outfit. If you are wearing larger earrings than wear thin chain, and if you are wearing big necklace than just wear small tops or don’t wear any earrings.

f) Sunglasses

Sunglasses are very important for giving you a dashing look. And for more information you can follow my previous article about sunglasses.

2. Carried accessories 

a) Purses and Handbags 

Without purse fashion look is just out of thinking. Select the purse which is going on present time. Try different purse or bags for different purposes. Never try only one. Because it expresses your taste level.

b) Umbrella 

Going out? Just keep an umbrella with you. It will protect you from UV rays and will give extra fashion concerned look and it may help you when it is raining suddenly.

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