5 Reasons Why Accessories Are So Important for Women

Sure, clothing is a staple. It keeps us warm, protect us from sun rays and accentuates our bodies. However, life will be so dull if there is only clothes to play with. In fact, we will look so uniformed and our personalities and style will be hidden inside us.

When we talk about accessories, it does not only limit to jewelries. Handbags, sunglasses, belts, shoes are also part of accessories. And we dare say, no woman today live without a single accessory in their wardrobe.

Accessories are just as important as clothing. Here are 5 reasons why it is so important for women:

1. It is Fun and Exciting

Admit it. You have over accessorised when you were younger, because the accessories looked so good and you got to flaunt it all in one night. Hehe! It is always fun and exciting to be your own stylist, pairing the right accessories to your outfit, for the right occasion. It can also elevate your mood!

But be careful not to over accessorise as looking like a christmas tree can be a fashion disaster.

2. Creates different look

Same outfit, not a problem. Accessorise!

You can own many basics and let accessories do the magic! With the right accessories, it can take you to 3 occasions. You’ll be surprised.

3. Amplify your personality

Accessorising is also another avenue to express yourself and your style. While your choice of clothes says everything about your style and preference, accessories help to take it to the next level. In fact, clothing and accessories work hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.

4. Save money and time

Shopping for clothing needs more time compared to shopping for accessories. There are just so many evaluation points before purchasing an outfit: Does it accentuate my body? Does the color matches my skin tone? Do they have the right size for me? and many more…

Accessories are easier and have a relatively shorter decision making process. What ever looks great and if it’s your style, you will definitely get it. What more, accessories are inexpensive.

Like what we mentioned in point #2, accessories can give many different looks to an outfit. So indirectly, it helps you to save money and time!

5. Creates conversation

Believe it or not, accessories can be a conversation starter. It is always nice to start a conversation by complimenting something nice about that person.

Imagine if you are seated next to a lady with a pair of emerald earrings that you have been looking for months, you can’t help yourself but to lean forward and ask where did she get her earrings from. Similarly, if you are wearing something that someone was dying to get it, you will definitely get a “Hi” from that person.

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